1. Q – How long does the process take?

A – 2 to 5 days depending on where you live. The cluster is repaired the day it is received and shipped out the same day (assuming it arrives early enough).


2. Q – Will my mileage change or will I need programming?

A – Your mileage will remain the same and no programming will be necessary.  Just plug in your cluster and go!


3. Q – Do you guarantee your work?

A – We include a Lifetime Warranty on parts and labor with a full rebuild.


4. Q – Whats the best way to ship my cluster to you?

A – Pack your cluster in a box using bubble wrap to protect it (not foam peanuts).  Please ship via UPS or Fed-Ex. Please include a money order, cashiers check,  or a copy of your paid PayPal receipt. We will rebuild your cluster the day we receive it and ship it back out to you the same day
(assuming it arrives early enough).

Specializing In 00-07 GM Gauge Cluster Rebuilds