About Us

US Tech Systems, Inc. was founded in 2001 in Valdosta Georgia.  In 2008, the company relocated to Lake Park Georgia.  We are currently engaged in the Low Voltage Systems business, and in electronic repair.   We always endeavor to deliver superior products and outstanding service.  We repair hundreds of GM Instrument Clusters every year.  We strive to provide the fastest turn-around time possible without sacrificing quality of repair.

Some other gauge repair companies offer to repair one or two gauges.  We used to do that too.  We have found over the last few years, however,  that it is best to rebuild all of the gauges at the same time.  The reason is that the gauges that are working when you send you cluster in have the same motors that the gauges that are not working have.  Over time, they all go bad.  In fact, they can easily be damaged during the dis-assembly or re-assembly of your gauge cluster.  Sometimes this damage will not show up as a defective gauge for a few months, but eventually it will stop working and the company that did the repair will not warranty a gauge they did not originally repair.  In fact, some of these companies are counting on your gauge cluster having additional problems so that they can make more money off of you.

The point is this:  since you are going to all of the trouble to remove and ship your gauge cluster off to be rebuilt, why not do it right the first time and completely avoid any additional problems, headaches, and expense.  Besides, when you factor in the cost of shipping both ways plus the cost of repairing one or two gauges, the price difference between doing it half way or doing it right is negligible.  Saving the hassle and expense of doing it a second time – priceless!

Thank you for choosing us for the proper repair of your GM gauge cluster!


Nick Roehm

US Tech Systems, Inc.

Specializing In 00-07 GM Gauge Cluster Rebuilds